Met de Webhook-app heb je de mogelijkheid om gespreks-data te ontvangen van een inkomend gesprek naar een belplan.

Binnen de Webhook-app heb je de mogelijkheid je eigen URL van je server in te voeren. Wanneer een gesprek de Webhook-app aanroept, ontvang je onmiddellijk de gespreks-data. Zodra de Webhook-app een response van de server ontvangt, worden de vervolg stappen van het belplan gevolgd.

Documentatie (English only)

Supported methodsRequiredGET
URLRequiredSupported URL protocols: http and https, with or
without query parameters
Store result to
OptionalStore result to
Request TimeoutRequiredDefault value is 2 sec
Minimum value is 1 sec
Maximum value is 10 sec

Request data

Please note: The request data is sent out only with the POST request.
The request data data coming to the URL is the following:

  • Company ID
  • Dial plan ID
  • Dial plan internal number
  • Dial plan external number
  • Callee number
  • Caller number (number or SIP account)
  • Call uuid (ID of a call in Kwebbl platform)
  • Phonebook caller name
  • RTA Call ID (RTA style call ID, will be obsolete after CDRs 2.0)
  • SIP Call ID (SIP signalling call ID)
  • Timestamp of the event
  • Timestamp of the call start (the timestamp the call came into the Dial plan)

Example request body:

"com_id": "123ab",
"dp_id": "123abc",
"dp_in_number": "1000",
"dp_ex_number": "31202103200",
"callee_number": "31202103200",
"caller_number": "31612345678",
"uuid": "b587f4ee-718d-11ed-88ee-b97829e8fee4",
"phonebook_caller_name": "Pieter Janssen",
"event_time": "1669908899250",
"call_start_time": "1669908896814",
"rta_call_id": "8a5d5db451e9-6bd98ab0066f"
"sip_call_id": "lsjuf8l09juq1i0a9vai"


The variable set in the Webhook-app is added to the Condition-app once a variable is set in the Webhook-app. Based on the response text-body received from the server set in the Webhook-app, it is now possible to set up different call-routes.

The variable set in the Dial plan or IVR is present in the Condition app and executed only when it’s set after the Webhook app. All variables set in the Webhook-apps before the Condition-app appear in that Condition app. If the variable is not set, it won’t appear in the Condition app. The variable must be unique inside one Dial plan or IVR context menu.

The less the timeout is set, the quicker the caller will get to the next action in the Dial plan in case there is no response from your server. 
Webhook app is available only in a Company Dial plan and in the IVR app. In the personal Dial plan the Webhook app is not available.

Possible examples:
The combination of the new Webhook-app and Condition-app brings a complete new dimension to the customers telephony solution. There are many possible integrations to make, for example:

  • Check in the CRM system if the customer has open invoices; if yes, then
    route the call to finance;
  • Check in the CRM system if the customer has an pending ticket; if yes, then route the call to the assignee of the ticket.
  • If the caller calls for the second time, route the call to the same colleague who answered the first incoming call.