Waarom worden er geen events naar de Callback URL gestuurd?

In case you don’t receive events to the callback URL, there are several points to be checked to determine the cause of the problem.

First of all, please double check the correctness of your callback URL since, to our experience, this is the main cause for the majority of the problems.

If the callback URL is checked and proved to be correct, please, let us know about that by raising a ticket.

We consequently will check the system’s behavior on our side by creating the following items in the customer's company:

  • Extension,
  • Test API,
  • subscription to all events.

Important: We cannot do this without the customer's permission, therefore when raising the ticket, please provide the confirmation that our support engineers are allowed to create a test Extension, test API and subscription to all company’s events (e.g. “The customer confirms that Kwebbl support engineers are allowed to create an Extension, API and subscription to all company’s events in test purposes”). Be aware that they will be deleted once the investigation is finished.

Also please note that our system does not keep track of who created or deleted the subscription. We also do not have the functionality to modify the subscription.